Online Jobs For Kids

At first glance online jobs for kids could not be that many, as most require 18 years of age. When you are under 18, the job options you are going to most likely run into are employment at a fast food restaurant, baby-sitting, and grass cutting.

Easy Job After School: Selling On Ebay

These websites provide a great online jobs for kids, as a teen can sell electronics, games, toys, and crafts – especially, if you are an artist. The guidelines mentioned on the website are to be reviewed with a parent, before letting the kid start selling stuff.

Sell Customized Items

Items such as mugs, shirts, gear, and stationery can be custom made, and sold on online job sites such as Café Press and Zazzle.

Picture Art

If you are a bit of an artist, you will love to create interesting postcards and drawings. Websites of greeting card companies, such as Oatmeal Studios are a great place to apply for online jobs for kids, where they can earn some money with activities such as typing or drawing.

Online Typing Job

At first, it may seem odd that anyone would pay you for writing what has already been written, but there are exceptions. Writing the content of a PDF file to a Word document or transcribing a file which has been roughly dictated are types of easy online jobs which are dime a dozen on outsourcing websites.

Take a typing test on a number of websites like SpeakWrite and demonstrate parameters, such as speed and accuracy. Audio files will be provided, and the only thing you have to do is to translate their content onto text file, while complying with all their transcription styles. Even children can get the hang of this.

As you may have thought writing provides a plethora of online jobs for kids. Go to any outsourcing website and type the terms ‘typing’ in the search box. You will not believe the variety and range of the jobs listed.

Modeling Jobs

In case you are told by friends and relatives, that your son or daughter is pretty enough for modeling, you should put them in modeling quite soon. Through the resourcefulness of the internet, online jobs for kids are far more spread and readily available than they were in the last decade or so, as they were confined to local modeling agencies. This way, travel challenges are not involved.

There are a few indications that the child-modeling agency is not a scam. These can be identified by the behavior of the company. They will pick up the phone around office hours. Their contact information will be available, and they will answer each one of your questions without any hesitation what so ever. It would come in handy if you check the modeling agency with the Better Business Bureau.

There is no need for you to be a professional photographer to apply in online jobs for kids, as pictures taken by a member of the family are considered more natural.